About Us

LookZook is the best sharable, scrollable, full-page, reproducible, customizable, WYSIWUE*, frame-by-frame, mobile playback and pagespeed comparison tool.

"We wanted to give web devs and SEOs an easy way to reproduce and analyze how humans experience mobile web pages."

— David Fox
*what you see is what users experience
The Team
David Fox
David Fox
Founder & CTO

David Fox is founder and CTO of LookZook. David got his start in programming and UX as a game developer during the golden age of Flash gaming. Since then he’s applied that knowledge and transitioned to the web: becoming a Blink contributor, writer and speaker for various events like the O'Reilly Fluent conference. In his free time, David enjoys studying psychology, cooking, playing video games, and beating his friends at poker.

"I love tools like WebPagetest, but I always had my gripes when using it. It was a pain to setup any non-rudimentary test; I could never see anything beneath the viewport (like buy buttons on Amazon); and the data was so hard for anyone not in the know to understand, that I ended up regularly creating presentations so my clients understood my findings. So I created LookZook, so I (and you) don't have to do that anymore 😀"

John Fox
Chief Marketing Officer

John is CMO of LookZook, where he leads sales and marketing. He has extensive hands-on experience as an entrepreneur and C-level new business developer for technology–enabled businesses. He previously founded Venture Marketing, a marketing consultancy for disruptive innovators where he led the launch or re-launch of 44 companies. John is a graduate engineer from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Computer Science. He earned his MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management.

"We’re doing for web performance and SEO what Apple did for desktop publishing. LookZook is WYSIWUE — what you see is what users experience — and how Google evaluates your site for its mobile-first index. Our goal is to de-skill the whole process and give anyone the confidence to win."

John Fox